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Karin's designs are distinguished in the industry by her 25-years experience working hand in hand with architects, builders and cabinet makers. Karin has a sound knowledge of the building process. This allows her to work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure all designs are completed to the highest standard.


Karin, a mother to four, now adult, children, attributes her many years of living in a house too small for a family of six, as providing the insight and inspiration to address the need for clever storage and space solutions. Order is the defense to chaos after all!


Karin's expertise involve working with both residential and commercial spaces. Her experience to date expands across:

  • Kitchen Design

  • Bathroom Design

  • Laundry Design

  • Home interiors

  • Space management throughout the home and wet areas

  • Hotel interiors

  • Restaurant interiors

  • Environmentally rated residences

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